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Invasion of Privacy

Impersonation of the New Mexico Assembly

Let it be known that the following websites are impersonating the New Mexico Assembly, Land & Soil Jurisdiction. Our website,, and Assembly are the only lawful Assembly in the New Mexico state. The New Mexico Assembly does not have at this time have any coordinators for any counties currently. Two former Assembly Members voted out as members and not in good standing with the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction, have sought to create and establish a new assembly of their own. Mr. James Osborne Holmes and Mr. Cipriano Roybal are not members of our lawful State Assembly.

The following websites should Cease and Desist:–petitions.html[0]=68.ARAUdw9i98-KN5dmQMIpV899KPn2mBA6P5kDhIk-mk7wvjwqyvTfKg5Ic5sNquzLg7o3wrRKXphcNm7eEMxqf0ayvmUks30nCTn2LyP3J34H-KdQ1jn6ly2ZzaTj2_jpf9azlBCNUkb1txnXJZSXKrZUqk3LjOg851eoKaidmOJQcUHiNxta57euPsCnjxT6NwuaU1rwaQ0M6OWe8tfaAEnX7lo

These websites are operating without the approval of the New Mexico Assembly. They were created by Cipriano Roybal and James Osborne Holmes.

Mr. Holmes continues to post private emails from our Assembly and other Members to his forum even though no one from this Assembly is on his forum. No one from our Assembly gave permission to have their personal emails or the New Mexico Assembly emails posted publicly and it is a violation of privacy.

A quote from his forum post:

No one who expresses any intent to overthrow the lawful government of any state of the union or who acts to replace our government of, for, and by The People with any structure by which the people are not in control is not welcome here.

This is the same man who is impersonating the New Mexico Assembly misleading people to believe that his forum is a part of

He has been asked to Cease and Desist from posing as the New Mexico Assembly.

Update: May 18, 2021:

Another website has emerged and continues to claim it is associated with New Mexico Assembly. This is false and the American National Assembly is in no way associated with the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

The following are screenshots of the American National Assembly which provides proof that regardless of our Cease and Desist they continue to use the New Mexico Assembly name in their websites.

Update: April 13, 2021:

We were contacted by Cipriano Roybal with a request to take down our Public Notice.

His request:

The American National Academy and New Mexico Assembly for Bernalillo County share the same address. Because the American National Academy is a 501 (c) 3 incorporated entity, it cannot be a part of the New Mexico Assembly, Land and Soil Jurisdiction. As stated originally, Cease and Desist from Impersonating the New Mexico Assembly. From three websites owned and operated by Cipriano Roybal and and you’ll see that the addresses for the American National Academy and New Mexico Assembly for Bernalillo County are one in the same :

Update: March 31, 2021-

James Osborne Holmes refuses to Cease and Desist and has now added our New Mexico Assembly Members to his forum. He has added content from our website about the New Mexico Coordinators to his pretend forum and has made himself the coordinator of Santa Fe. Let it be known that no one from the New Mexico Assembly has voted to have James Osborne Holmes as the coordinator of Santa Fe. He continues to create his own assembly and adding content from The New Mexico Assembly website which was never sanctioned. No one from this Assembly gave James Osborne Holmes permission to add their personal information to his forum.