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Law of Peace



The purpose of this DA Pamphlet is not to make each of its readers an expert in the field of international law. This publication.has been written with the expectation that the military attorneys making use of it will be provided with a basic understanding of the legal system governing the international community.

International law is an area of jurisprudence which challenges. It quite often fails to provide concise “textbook
answers” to problems which reach a degree of complexity far greater than that found in
any other legal system.

Entrusted with the task of regulating the conduct of international sovereign entities, it is a legal framework which develops on a daily basis. Its successes go largely unnoticed, while its failures gain almost instantaneous notoriety and

It is a jurisprudential system particularly unsuited for complacent personalities and regimented minds. Hopefully, military attorneys will not view the often evident imprecision of international law as a fatal weakness but as an opportunity
afforded its practitioner to develop an efficient and viable legal system.

Constructive criticism and the ability to apply concepts and rules to practical international legal problems ‘must be based on a working knowledge of the subject matter. The achievement of this end underlies the purpose of this publication.
The term “he” (and its derivatives) used in this pamphlet is generic and,’except where contraindicated, should be considered as applying to both male and female.